Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions and answers provided for parents of IIT Academy to assist them with an understanding of the current context and to guide them in decision making with respect to enrollment of their children.

IIT’s position on these questions may change, depending on the circumstances. We will update parents with any new information as soon as possible.


  1. Will school be open for students on September 5?
    Yes, we are preparing for a normal start of school on September 5th Inshallah.
  2. Have you communicated to teachers about the start of school and are you confident that teachers will be attending school on September 5th?
    Yes, we have communicated with teachers as usual and are expecting that they will be ready for school on September 5th. As usual, professional learning sessions with teachers are scheduled for August 28 & 29th.
  3. Where are you with negotiations with the Union?
    The Ministry of Labour has appointed a conciliator and a meeting is scheduled for September 6, 2017.
  4. What will happen in the event of a strike?
    In the event of a strike by teachers during the school year, the school will be closed. IIT does not have the resources nor the capacity to manage the school without the teaching staff.
  5. If an agreement is reached with teachers and it necessitates a fee increase as a result of terms of the agreement, when will it be implemented?
    We will make every effort to avoid a fee increase. If the situation necessitates a fee increase, we will provide parents ample notice so they can make an informed decision.
  6. Due to uncertainty at IIT Academy, I am withdrawing my child. Will you refund all payments?
    Please see our separate communication regarding refunds during this time of uncertainty.
  7. Will I be able to re-enrol my kids if the school situation becomes stable again?
    Yes, you will be able to re-enrol your children if there are spaces.
  8. Will my child have to take the entrance test again?
    No, your child will not have to take the entrance test.
  9. Will my child have to be on the waiting list, or will he/she be given a preference to re-enrol?
    Preference will be given to children who were enrolled prior to the current situation, providing there are spaces available.
  10. How early will IIT communicate the results of an agreement to parents?
    IIT will communicate the results of an agreement as soon as one is reached.
  11. If the negotiations result in a situation that is not financially viable for IIT, will you close the school?
    Our hope is to have an agreement that is fair to teachers, affordable for parents and financially viable for IIT.
  12. What happens if teachers strike or walk out at the middle of the day?
    We will strive to maintain a safe space and parents will be called to pick up their children.
  13. How will you ensure safety of children in the event of a strike?
    While we hope that teachers will not walk out leaving students unattended, we will implement the relevant procedures to contain children within the school and call parents as soon as possible.
  14. How early will you be able to process OSR Transfers if I withdraw my child from the school?
    Depending on the volume of the requests, we will try our best to process these requests on a timely basis. This may take up to two weeks.

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