Welcome Message from the Principal

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakaatu,

By the grace of Allah (S.W.T.), welcome to the 2017-18 school year. I hope your summer vacation was filled with joy and exciting memories made with your family, relatives and friends. I am thrilled to welcome you to another year of learning and growing at IIT Academy. We would like to reach for Islamic, academic and personal excellence this school year.

Personally, I am grateful and elated to continue my journey at the Academy while dealing with some serious family health issues. I request all of you to remember us in your duas. May Allah (S.W.T.) give me and my family the strength to be patient during this test. I am looking forward to continuing to build strong collaborative relationships with our teachers, parents and students as we work hard to bring IIT Academy from a good institution to an outstanding one. Despite obstacles, we can manage to be united and rise to the challenges we will face together.

There will be a short assembly on September 5th to introduce new teachers and all other staff members. At this opening assembly, we will discuss our core values, commitments and expectations for the year 2017-18.

I look forward to meeting all the parents, students, teachers and board members in the gymnasium, ready to face the new academic year with energy and enthusiasm for learning. We want you to be connected, joyful and with clear goals to grow in maroof and munkar. We expect our teachers to challenge each student to grow and create class activities to engage our students in building akhlaq and learning.

We are working on improving our website and Insha’Allah, you will soon find the website very helpful and informative. All communication will be posted regularly in the News section. Please check the page for important dates, Google calendar, and other school news. I am now also on Twitter @IITPrincipal. Please follow my account for school updates and other information.


Br. M. Yousuf Siddiqui
Principal, IIT Academy

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