Hiring Kindergarten Teacher

Full-time Kindergarten Teacher – IIT Academy

Toronto, Ontario
Posted On: January 29, 2019
Last Day to Apply: February 12, 2019
Employment Type: Full Time – 04 months contract (March 2019 to
June 2019 with an option for renewal for the 2019/2020 school year)

The IIT Academy is pleased to advertise for a full-time teaching position at
its elementary Islamic school in Toronto, Ontario. This is an opportunity to
assume the role of a kindergarten homeroom teacher responsible for
teaching Ontario curriculum subjects for kindergarten students.

This is an opportunity for an individual who has a passion for education and
is willing to nurture young minds with values that are critical to the
development of Islamic identity and civic responsibility.

The IIT Academy is an elementary Islamic School established by the
Islamic Institute of Toronto, offering JK/SK, and Grades 1-8 programs. The
Academy offers the full Ontario curriculum in addition to Arabic Language,
French and Islamic Studies. Our vision is to empower our students to
become fully conscious of their accountability to God, confident in their
identity as Muslims, and ready to fulfill their obligations as citizens of

Our teachers are part of a dynamic team of educators who are willing to
work collaboratively, guided by the Principal. It is important to note that our
school is located in an active Islamic Centre, thus there will be members of
the larger community sharing our space on various occasions. The school
is also a unionized work environment.


 Prepare and deliver lessons to students according to approved curricula;

 Attend meetings, conduct parent-teacher interviews, offer remedial or extracurricular activities, and engage in other school-related work outside of these hours on a reasonable basis;

 Take on additional responsibilities such as hallway monitoring, during and after-school duties, parking, library and computer supervision and willingness to participate in extra-curricular activities before, during and after school;

 Play a significant leadership role within the school community, providing support to fellow teachers as well as being a role model for students both within and outside school boundaries;

 Support measures that will result in school-wide improvement in instruction and acquisition;

 Assist in consolidating the position of the IIT Academy as a leading institution within the GTA and enhance its standing as a model school for nurturing young minds;

 Recommend innovative ways to work with the members of the School Advisory Committee and other parents’ groups to promote the vision of the IIT Academy and to review opportunities for collaboration with other personnel in similar institutions across the City;

 Facilitate competitions amongst Islamic and other schools in the City to enhance the students’ competitiveness and nurture other life skills;

 Assist in the development and/or refinement and strict implementation of new or existing policies, in conjunction with the Principal, to ensure school safety;

 Able to assess/observe students with learning or developmental disabilities

 Foster a culture of respect, values and fraternity among students and staff.


 Certification from the Ontario College of Teachers for teaching at
primary and junior divisions;
 Strong classroom management skills and ability to maintain students’
 Excellent social, ethical and professional etiquettes;
 Proven communication, interpersonal, educational and organizational
 Strong Technical skills (smartboard integration, Audio-Visual).


The IIT Academy offers a competitive salary structure based on
qualifications and experience.


To apply for this position, please send the following documents (either
hand-delivered, or by e-mail as attachments) to the address below, by
February 2019:
  A cover letter and resume outlining key qualifications and experience
related to the position;
 A copy of teacher evaluation reports, practice teaching reports or any
other relevant performance appraisals;
 Reference letters from previous employers will be requested if get
shortlisted for the position.

Attention: Moussa Ouarou, Principal
IIT Academy
1630 Neilson Road
Scarborough, ON
M1X 1S3

BY E-MAIL: e-mail applications to info@iitacademy.ca

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