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Introduction Letter

Asalaamwalaykum Wa Rahmatullahu Wa Barakatahu.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Zaheer Khan and it is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition of education! I have been dedicated to the field of education for more than fifteen years. I have worked with a variety of students’ ranging in age from Elementary through and including college. I am excited and eager to bring my skills as an educational leader to IIT Academy and work with you as a partner in education to ensure your child’s success.

Along with the teachers and staff, I will work hard to continue the legacy of success established by IIT by building strong relationships with parents, students, and community partners. We will focus on character education initiatives, Common Core skills, the use of technology, and to provide consistent implementation of the curriculum in a rigorous manner so that we can continue to increase all of the students’ achievement.

All of us at IIT are eager and excited to begin what promises to be the best term ever. The rest of this year is going to be amazing as we continue to provide academic experiences for our students that are rigorous, relevant, and help them build relationships while making real-world connections. As your Principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors: teachers, students, and parents are excited to be here! This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment. My door is always open, and I welcome your input. I will be sending out a survey and I would greatly appreciate your participation. Please feel free to email me to discuss any concerns you might have throughout the school year.

I look forward to working with you as a team to help each student at IIT meet their goals and have a successful school year!

I would also like to introduce to you our Vice Principal, Nasreen Khan. She has taught a number of grades at a few different Islamic Schools in the Toronto area. Nasreen served as a grade 6 teacher here at IIT and brings years of experience that has been extremely valuable to our school community. She is looking forward to working towards creating a positive, enriching, safe and enjoyable learning environment for all IIT students. She has established a positive rapport with many students and parents in the school, and always welcomes their input and suggestions. Nasreen strives to bring hands-on, cross-curricular learning experiences into the classroom, making concepts relevant and relatable to the students. She plans to work with faculty members to plan and promote this concept in all grades to ensure the utmost enriching educational experience.

Together, the two of us are honored to be of service to such an amazing set of staff, students and parents, and we look forward to building a collaborative relationship between the school, community, and home environments. Your feedback, well wishes and Duas are greatly appreciated.

Please see the attached PDF for more details on my entry plan.

Br. Zaheer Khan