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Student Expectations

Allah willing, every school should have a happy, healthy and secure environment and be a place that all students enjoy attending.


To create a school learning environment that is caring, safe, peaceful, nurturing and respectful and that enables all students to reach their full potential.


  • The administration believes that respect for human rights and the promotion of values and skills
    needed for a responsible and peaceful community is vital to the school’s success.
  • The administration encourages all individuals involved in the school to maintain a clear and direct
    motive that is pure and acceptable to Allah.
  • The administration believes that all students have the right to learn and achieve success and
    acknowledges the impact of school climates on students’ success. Firstly, students are encouraged to
    stay dedicated to their work and accomplish their duties. Secondly, they are encouraged to maintain
    positive educational and social relations with their teachers. Thirdly, they are encouraged to fulfill all
    their responsibilities in the classroom setting.
  • The administration believes that student learning is maximized when there is a healthy, respectful
    relationship between the student and the teacher. Students are expected to respect and listen to teachers
    and support staff, treat others with dignity and respect and to apply themselves to their work in order
    to achieve success.