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Student Duties

Duties to be fulfilled by IIT Students

  • To know the true Islam from its pure original sources, the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Rasoolullah sallahu alahi wasallam.
  • Practice Islam as a comprehensive way of life.
  • Students should not be harsh to issue hurried judgments nor waive any right or show extremist view. Stay focus on ummatul wasta (Middle way).
  • Islam enjoins hard work in order to make life easier for all of Allah’s creation.
  • Distinguish maroof and munkar in the light of Quran and Hadith.
  • Adhere to basic tenents and principles of right, justice and equality between Muslims themselves and other parties.
  • Always be clear on the concept that in Islam “knowledge precedes action’.
  • Teamwork is essential in the way of Allah (S.W) by hand or tongue. Be a peaceful mujahid.
  • Always be united and always do good to rectify evil.
  • Seek knowledge not for information but for reformation and to please Allah (SW) and serve the country as an exemplary Canadian citizen.
  • Inculcate Islamic values and Islamic culture. As a muslim and muslimah be a good mannered well behaved person who leads by example.
  • Be far-sighted, open-minded and just.

Always remember that R.S.A.W. always said “My Lord has trained me well ‘and’ I have been sent to
complete the excellent morals”.