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04 – Absences & Punctuality

IIT Academy is committed to fostering student learning through encouraging punctuality and attendance in all classes. Regular attendance is the greatest predictor of school success. A system of progressive discipline is used to reinforce the importance of punctuality, and presence in class. Students will miss valuable class time and learning opportunities if they are removed from school even for short appointments.

4.1 Planned Absence

Parents are strongly advised to avoid making appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) for their child(ren) during school hours.

If it is necessary for your child to attend an appointment during school hours, please provide a written notice (email is acceptable) at least one full school day in advance to your child’s classroom teacher and the secretary with the date and time of the appointment.

Students will be released to their parent or guardian from the office. Students are not permitted to wait outside for pick up.

If the student returns to school later that day (after the appointment), he/she must sign in at the office before returning to class.

4.2 Unplanned Absence or Late Arrival

A child should only be absent for reason of sickness or other unavoidable causes. As a general rule, students who are not well enough to participate in all activities, including outdoor recess should not be sent to school.

Please call the school at 416-335-9173 before 8:15am and leave a message on the voice mail or with the secretary if the child/ren will not be attending school or if they will be late. When leaving a message, please state the child/ren’s name/s, grade, and reason.

If arriving to the school after school has started, the student must proceed to the Main Office to sign in and receive a late slip.

If the school is not notified of a student’s absence, a phone call will be made to each of the contacts in the student’s emergency contact list in priority sequence. If no contacts can be reached, police will be contacted.

4.3 Extended Absence

If the student will be away for an extended period of time, please notify the school and teacher in writing (email is acceptable) with the dates the child/ren will be away and the reason. Verbal notification will not be accepted.