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12 – Bullying and Behavioural Consequences

Every student has a right to learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment free of bullying, harassment, hazing, or discrimination while at school or school-sponsored activities.

IIT Academy engages in anti-bullying prevention. The policy’s intent is to address this issue in a proactive manner through the establishment of a system for educating students and staff at the school level regarding the identification, prevention, intervention, and reporting of such anti-social acts.

The responsibility for effective prevention and response to acts of bullying, harassment, hazing, and discrimination lies within a collaborative effort of administrators, teachers, school staff, students, parents, school communities, and appropriate community support agencies.

The process at the school level to establish educational procedures and programs should include a comprehensive representation of the participants identified above.  Within such programs and procedures, a focus shall be placed on training school staff and students regarding the recognition and reporting of incidents through a systematic process of provincial laws and federal laws.

Students and parents are encouraged to submit any complaints of discrimination, hazing, harassment, bullying or retaliation to the school principal, and/or our guidance counselor.

In most cases, inappropriate behaviour may be dealt with by the teacher on site.  If the incident is serious, the principal may become involved.  Additionally,  depending on the frequency or severity of the incident, other actions may be taken including a phone call or letter sent home by the teacher or principal, detention or withdrawal of recess privilege, parents-principal meetings, temporary withdrawal from class, or exclusion from certain optional activities.