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09 – Code of Conduct

The Prophet Mohamed (S.A.W) said about children:
“Treat them well and give them the best education.” (Reported by Ibn Majah)

At IIT Academy, students have the right to:

  • An environment that is safe and respectful, where they feel that their views and opinions are valued, and where they know that they can count on their teachers for emotional support. Have teachers that understand that every child is unique, learns in different ways and achieves their potential through different forms of struggle.
  • An environment that is conducive to learning, is well-resourced, and integrates tools and up-to-date technologies for greater efficiency.
  • Parents, students and teachers working together in a positive productive partnership.

Allah willing, every school should have a happy, healthy and secure environment and be a place that all students enjoy attending.

9.1 Objective

To create a school learning environment that is caring, safe, peaceful, nurturing and respectful and that enables all students to reach their full potential.

9.2 Policy

The administration believes that respect for human rights and the promotion of values and skills needed for a responsible and peaceful community is vital to the school’s success.

The administration encourages all individuals involved in the school to maintain a clear and direct motive that is pure and acceptable to Allah.

The administration believes that all students have the right to learn and achieve success and acknowledges the impact of school climates on students’ success. Firstly, students are encouraged to stay dedicated to their work and accomplish their duties. Secondly, they are encouraged to maintain positive educational and social relations with their teachers. Thirdly, they are encouraged to fulfill all their responsibilities in the classroom setting.

The administration believes that student learning is maximized when there is a healthy, respectful relationship between the student and the teacher. Students are expected to respect and listen to teachers and support staff, treat others with dignity and respect and to apply themselves to their work in order to achieve success.

The administration expects that all students contribute toward fostering a positive school climate that supports healthy student-staff and school-community relationships. Students should be committed to promoting the safety of all others and behave in a responsible manner with proper adab and in accordance with the aims of Islamic Education.

Students and parents are reminded that respect is nurtured with obedience and compliance with the rules and regulations. Successful and effective learning communities are built upon respectful relationships in all aspects: school-wide, within the community and between parents, staff and the administration.

At IIT Academy, students are expected to:

  • Be respectful and courteous towards each other and toward all school staff and volunteers. Be punctual for classes and school events and activities.
  • Bring to school all the necessary supplies and completed assigned tasks / projects at deadlines, Follow school expectations and guidelines. Be honest and truthful, maintaining good Islamic conduct. Abstain from all forms of violence and coarse language. Bring healthy food and beverages to school every day.
  • Respect and protect the school property by keeping it clean.

Everyone is expected to uphold and demonstrate proper Islamic behavior at all times by:

  • Speaking, dressing, and acting in an Islamic manner, regardless of the situation that we are in or the person with whom we are dealing.
  • Respecting the sanctity of the environment.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of mind, body, clothing, school materials and surroundings.
  • Obeying school and classroom rules and routines. Treating personal, school property and that of other students with extra care.
  • Working and playing cooperatively.
  • Solving problems peacefully.
  • Being a role model for others (especially younger students).

9.3 Consequences

Unacceptable behaviour is discouraged and will be dealt within a variety of ways including but not limited to :

  1. a) Consequences decided by the teachers (time detention).
  2. b) Counselling by teachers and Principal.
  3. c) Parents contacted by the teacher or Principal.
  4. d) Referral to the administration along with a record of the action taken by the staff.
  5. e) Administration and student conference.
  6. g) Meeting with parents and Principal.
  7. h) Referral to Student Conduct Review Committee
  8. h) Suspension or expulsion at the sole discretion of the Principal