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22 – Communication

At IIT we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment which promotes open communication, respect, fairness and positive relationships. We believe that the relationship between home and school is a very important part of ensuring that children are happy, secure and open to learning.

Since teachers are generally not available to take calls during the school day, those wishing to speak to a classroom teacher or teacher Assistant are asked to either email them directly or leave a message with them at the main school office.

22.1 Complaints & Incident Management

When parents have a concern, they are to first raise it with their homeroom teacher.

Should the concern remain unresolved, or the parents wish to discuss an issue relating to a member of staff, or of a sensitive nature, they should make an appointment with the Principal by contacting the school office, either by phone or in person.

If a parent has a grievance with the principal or the principal’s decision, then and only then can they escalate the issue to the board. Otherwise, they are to go through the appropriate chain of command first.

In all cases, if the matter is urgent and/or relates to the possible risk or harm to a student, a member of staff or another member of the school community, the Principal should be informed immediately and the urgency of the matter conveyed. The Principal will determine the most appropriate person to deal with the issue and the process to work towards a resolution, as well as ensuring that contact is made as soon as possible.

Resolving matters of concern are best achieved through face-to-face contact with the appropriate person. Emails and letters should be brief, alerting the person to the issue; they should not be used as a forum for in-depth discussion.

22.2 Issues arising between students and families

No parent should approach the children of other families or their parents with a school related or non-school related issue on the school grounds. Such matters must be addressed to the Principal and not discussed with other persons.