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08 – Dress Code

As our dress code policy, teachers and staff members are required to demonstrates Islamic professionalism. Students are expected to be neat in appearance. They must come to school well-groomed and clean; the uniform should be tidy and pressed. Nails must be clean and trimmed.

All boys and girls studying at IIT are required to wear the school uniform; any student not wearing the prescribed uniform will not be allowed to attend classes. Exceptions will be given only to new students, who can wear clothing that complies with the Islamic Dress Code (which includes a mandatory hijab for girls from grades 4-9) until they acquire a school uniform.

Boys: white top with IIT logo, grey pants and black shoes.

Girls: white top with IIT logo with grey tunic, grey pants and black shoes. Students are required to wear loose fitting long uniforms along with a white or grey hijab (Grades 4-8)

Out of consideration for the youngest members of our school, JK and SK girls and boys are allowed to wear grey, elastic-waisted pants to accommodate their still refining motor skills and self-regulation skills.

Optional for all students are maroon vests or sweaters with the IIT logo.

Uniforms are available for sale at an IIT approved supplier only.

Please note:

  • Clothing must be free of writing, slogans, stripes, or any decorations.
  • Students are not to wear outdoor clothing (jackets, coats, hats, gloves, and boots) inside the classrooms.
  • Students must wear running shoes for safety purposes.
  • Please ensure that all personal articles are clearly marked with your child’s name; i.e. boots, indoor shoes, running shoes, bags, shirts, pants, coats, lunch kits, etc.
  • Make-up, nail polish or nail decorations are not permissible.
  • Jewelry of any form is not permissible.


There is zero tolerance for violating the dress code. Violators will be sent home.