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10 – Expulsion Policy

A student may be referred to the board for expulsion as a result of receiving a suspension while they are on disciplinary probation, subsequent committing of level two infraction, or as a result of committing a level three infraction.

  1. When a student is referred to the board for expulsion, the family will be informed in writing that the student is placed on open suspension and will describe the reason for the school’s action.
  2. The board will hold a meeting to review the case within 14 school days from the day of suspension.
  3. The student and his/her guardian may appeal in writing to present their case to the board.
  4. The board will make a decision that will be conveyed to the parents in writing as soon as possible.
  5. The decision of the Board is final.

Students on open suspensions may not return to school without a decision from the School Board. They may not be on school premises or participate in any school activity or function including field trips or after school events.