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31 – Library Books

The library is for learning. It is a quiet place for research, study, completing homework assignments, and a place to read. It is the school’s largest classroom and therefore is not designed for disruptive behavior. The library staff exists to assist you in any way possible with finding appropriate research information. Students are encouraged to ask librarians for assistance at any time. The student library card entitles students to borrow library materials, use research tools, access computer databases, and seek assistance from a librarian. The library does charge fines for overdue materials to encourage responsible use of materials. Most library materials circulate for a two-week period with renewal privileges. A maximum of three items may be borrowed at one time. Students pay a replacement value for any lost materials. Borrowed items are the responsibility of the student. Lost student cards should be reported immediately. Replacement cards may be purchased from the library for $5. Students may book research time with library staff so that they can make use of study periods, lunch hours and after school time for research. The school’s computer and internet use policy is in force in the library.