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06 – Lunch & Recess

Lunch hour at IIT Academy runs for one hour and is divided into 20 minutes for eating and 40 minutes for outdoor play depending on weather conditions.  Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without a parent/guardian.

Students Grade 1 to Grade 8 eat in the Gym under the teacher’s and volunteer’s supervision.
Students in JK and SK eat in their classrooms under the teacher’s and volunteer’s supervision.

6.1 Nut Free Policy

IIT is a Nut-Free School. We have several students who have severe and life-threatening allergies. As such please do not send peanuts or peanut-products to school.

Students who have allergies to foods such as eggs or peanuts are provided with a separate place to eat lunch. However, even if these children eat in a separate room, traces of nuts and nut products may be enough to cause a severe anaphylactic reaction and even death.

6.2 Litterless Lunch Policy

Since IIT Academy is proud to encourage environmental awareness and sensitivity, litterless lunches and snacks are strongly encouraged at all times. Please remember to include any utensils necessary for your child’s packed lunch and please note that we only provide microwaves to heat lunches for students.