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25 – Student Assessment

The IIT is committed to supporting student learning through quality assessment practices. Assessment is the continuous process of gathering data on student learning and performance, using a variety of methods over time. Assessment must be transparent, purposeful, reliable, valid and reflective. It provides valuable and useful information to the students, the teachers, and parents as they work together in improving learning, building skills, and acquiring knowledge.

Teachers formatively assess by observing students, using effective questioning strategies, and setting tasks that require students to use specific skills, apply new ideas, and to communicate, reflect, and extend their learning in a variety of ways.

Teachers summatively assess student learning at a particular point in time based on criteria that are measurable, well-defined, and useful for future student learning and for teachers’ ongoing reflection of their professional practice.

Assessment is part of the learning process that represents each learner’s unique character.  Diagnostic Assessments will be done twice a year to see the performance of our students.