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17 – Use of Personal Communication or Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones and electronic devices must not, in any way, interfere with teaching conducted by the staff, and/or the learning of any student(s) during the school instructional day.

  1. Students are permitted to use cell phones before the first bell of the day and after the final bell of the day.  Students may only use their own personal devices. They may not lend/borrow devices to/from their friends, peers or other persons.
  2. The use of cell phones, for any purpose (including telephone calls, text messaging, games, and other functions), is not permitted at any time without prior consent from the classroom teacher and/or school principal.
  3. Cell phones must be stored in a secure location (pocket, purse, backpack, etc.). They are not to be visible.
  4. Cell phones must be turned completely off during the school day.
  5. Students involved in field trips, extra-curricular activities and athletic events will contact their coach/staff involved for rules involving cell phone use after school hours, or on after-school bus trips. Coaches/teachers will set their rules and establish consequences involving their use during these events.
  6. The use of camera phones is strictly prohibited, especially in private areas such as washrooms, dressing room areas, or classrooms. Camera phone violations may be considered a criminal offence.
  7. Any phone communication during the instructional day will take place only through the use of school telephones and only with permission from administration, staff, or office staff (with the exception of emergency situations as deemed by the principal). Parents should continue to contact their child/ren through the normal school channels for any emergency situation.
  8. Students shall not bring cell phones into any area/classroom during examination situations – staff will collect cell phones.
  9. Cell phones/electronics are not to be used at all on school buses.  Students will receive a written warning, then a graduated loss (see: second violation, third violation etc.) as well as a graduated loss of bus privileges for any subsequent infractions.  Any electronic devices will be confiscated into the care of the school administration.
  10. Possession of a cell phone by a student is a privilege which may be denied to any student not abiding by the terms of this policy. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones. IIT Academy will not assume any responsibility for any theft/loss/damage to personal communications devices and electronics, nor will the school be held responsible for any unauthorized calls made on a cell phone.

Electronic Devices: Other electronic devices such as, but not limited to digital cameras, MP3 players and iPads, etc., may be used in the classroom, but only with prior administrative and teacher authorization. Otherwise, these devices must not be visible during the instructional day.

Any misuse of the personal communication/electronic device use agreement will result in the following:

First Incident: The student will be warned, and the cell phone/electronic device will be confiscated into the care of school administration (Principal/Vice-Principal) – guidance department for the remainder of that school day. The phone/device will be returned to the student at the end of that school day.

Second Incident: Cell phones/electronic devices will be confiscated into the care of school administration until a parent/guardian comes to the school for a conference to review the school policy regarding electronics and to collect the device. Parents/guardians must then sign a form stating that they understand that any subsequent violations will result in the student losing the privilege of having a cell phone/electronic device at school. The cell phone/electronic device will be returned to the parent at that time.

Third Incident: Cell phones/devices will be confiscated until a parent/guardian comes to the school to retrieve the cell phone/electronic device. The student will lose their privilege to have a cell phone/electronic device at school. Any future violations may result in dismissal from the school.