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Student Behaviour

The administration expects that all students contribute toward fostering a positive school climate that supports healthy student, staff and school community relationships .Students should be committed to promoting the safety of all others and behave in a responsible manner with proper adaab and in accordance with the aims of Islamic Education.

Unacceptable behaviour is discouraged and will be dealt with in a variety of ways.
a) Consequences are decided by the teachers (time detention).
b) Counselling by teachers and Principal.
c) Parents will be contacted by the teacher or Principal.
d) Referral to the administration along with a record of the action taken by the staff.
e) Administration and student conference.
f) Office takes action.
g) Meeting with parents and Principal.
h) In serious cases, parents will be consulted to determine the appropriate course of action.

Students and parents are reminded that respect is nurtured with obedience and compliance with the rules and regulations. Successful and effective learning communities are built upon respectful relationships in all aspects: school-wide, within the community and between parents, staff and the administration.

At IIT Academy, students are expected to:

  • Be respectful and courteous towards each other and toward all school staff and volunteers.
  • Be punctual for classes and school events and activities.
  • Bring to school all the necessary supplies and completed assigned tasks / projects at deadlines.
  • Follow school expectations and guidelines.
  • Be honest and truthful, maintaining good Islamic conduct.
  • Abstain from all forms of violence and coarse language.
  • Bring healthy food and beverages to school every day.
  • Respect and protect the school property by keeping it clean.


  • Greet your teachers and classmates with the Islamic greeting (Assalaamu-Alaykum).
  • Treat teachers, supply teachers, classroom assistants, other students, support staff, and volunteers with kindness and with utmost respect.
  • Dress, speak and act appropriately.
  • Be punctual for all your classes and try your very best in all class activities.
  • Follow classroom routines and all instructions established by your teachers.
  • Help in keeping your classroom neat and tidy.
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Speak politely and only when granted permission (raise your hand when you wish to speak) Listen carefully when others are speaking.
  • Get a note from your parents if you were unable to do/complete your assigned work or if there is an urgent need for you to leave the school early (teachers will follow up with them).
  • Refrain from eating, drinking, and chewing gum during instructional times.
  • Show extra care for all school property.
  • Continue your work as usual when there are visitors in the classroom.
  • Leave everything neat and in order at the end of the day.


  • Walk quietly and safely.
  • Be polite and respectful to others.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Clear the hallways quickly at all times.
  • Remove your outdoor gear, and place it neatly on the racks / shelves provided.


  • Respect the guest speaker(s) and/or performer(s) by being quiet and listening attentively.
  • Enter and exit the assembly hall in an orderly fashion, following your teachers’ instructions.


  • Please send a reusable lunch carrier.
  • Please try your best to use reusable containers, bottles / thermos, napkins and utensils that can all be washed and reused rather than using disposable lunch items.
  • All students will have lunch in the gym.
  • Say Bismillah and read the dua.
  • Sit in your seat when eating your food and drink.
  • Stay in the gym until you have permission from a teacher to leave.
  • Use a Hall Pass to exit the gym.
  • In the case of an indoor recess, keep your area clean and request permission if you need to leave.
  • Follow the supervisors’ instructions.
  • Bring healthy food and drinks for lunch and snacks.
  • Clean up your space and wash hands after eating.
  • Do not bring anything containing nut products!
  • Before the end of lunch time read the dua.


  • “Hands off” and no rough play.
  • Play safe and take turns.
  • Play in your designated area.
  • Take care of the equipment.
  • Follow the supervisors’ instructions.
  • Remain at all times on the school grounds unless otherwise permitted by a teacher.
  • Ask the permission of one of the teachers on duty if you need to re-enter the building.
  • Do not throw any injurious objects such as rocks, snowballs, pebbles, sand, etc. at anybody.
  • Do not bring hard balls, frisbees, or skateboards to school.
  • Line up with your class outside the designated door as soon as the teacher signals that recess is over.
  • Observe safety rules at all times.
  • Hockey sticks and baseball bats are not to be used during recess.
  • In case of accidents and incidents, please report them immediately to the teacher on duty.


Please buy your uniform from RJ. McCarthy.

  • Only white hij ab is allowed unless directed by the principal for special occasions.
  • Boys are allowed to wear thobe on top of the uniform just before Jummah Salah.
  • All students must adhere to the uniform policy.
  • Modest dress and age-appropriate clothing are required.
  • IIT Academy requests that parents use their discretion when dressing their child for school.
  • Clothing with inappropriate graphics / print will not be permitted in the school.
  • Boys’ hair must be trimmed to a normal length.
  • Shaving one part of the hair and leaving the other and/or colouring / streaking one’s hair with colours
    is not permitted.
  • Jewellery for boys, excessive jewellery for girls and tattoos are not permitted in the school.
  • Please note that students who do not consistently wear the school uniform will not be able to
    participate in the field trips, extracurricular activities, and sports teams, as well as clubs, etc.


  • All children from Grade JK to Grade 3 are dismissed from class between 3:15 pm – 3:30 pm
  • By 3:35 pm, the remaining children will be ushered to the aftercare room.
  • Aftercare is available for an additional fee from 3:40 pm -5:00 pm.
  • There will be a fee for students who are not registered in aftercare and who are picked up after 3:40 pm.


  • Students should use the washroom only at recess and at lunch.
  • Avoid using the washroom during class time.
  • If absolutely necessary, a student must obtain permission to use the washroom during class.
  • Please use a hall pass provided by the teacher.
  • Use the washroom quickly, quietly, and properly.
  • Read dua when you enter the washroom silently.
  • Enter with your left foot.
  • Remain silent at all times while in the washroom.
  • Use tissues and water to clean yourself.
  • Do not waste water or paper.
  • Flush once when finished. put slippers back on the slippers rack in the washroom area.
  • Leave with your right foot.
  • Read the dua when you leave.
  • Always wash your hands.
  • Keep the washroom clean and tidy.
  • Place garbage in the bin and recyclable material in the blue (recycle) bins.


  • Cell phones: phone calls to and from parents should be made at the school office during recess / lunch / dismissal.
  • Electronic devices and other toys (PSPs, Nintendos etc).
  • Live animals unless for educational purposes with the permission of a teacher Fireworks.
  • Magazines, unless for educational purposes with permission of the teacher.
  • Printed material containing indecent language or pictures.
  • Skateboards or roller blades, water guns, fire-crackers.
  • Lasers / Pointers.
  • Sharp objects.
  • Dangerous items of any size or type.
  • Weapons of any type.

Any student caught carrying any of the above mentioned items will face consequences. The item will be confiscated and submitted to the school office. It will be returned to parents only. Students should also note that exchanging any of their personal belongings (toys, clothes, books, etc.) is not allowed.


  • Any activity that is considered Islamically inappropriate.
  • Showing disrespect towards teachers and staff.
  • Name calling and bullying.
  • Dishonesty and lying.
  • Threatening the safety of yourself or others.
  • Inappropriate language, insolence towards school authority and others.
  • Vandalizing school or other students’ property.
  • Persistent truancy.
  • Habitual neglect of duty.
  • Stealing.
  • Starting false fire alarms.
  • Cheating and plagiarism.

Any student committing any of the above mentioned offences will be referred to the office.


  • Cheating is considered a major offence, both Islamically and by Canadian law.
  • All incidents of cheating are to be considered a serious breach of the school code of conduct and will be dealt with promptly and appropriately.


  • Make wudu, under the supervision of a teacher, before you come to the prayer hall.
  • Follow proper mosque etiquettes.
  • All girls must bring a hijab to wear at prayer time.
  • Enter the prayer hall quietly, remove your shoes, and proceed to the spot designated for your grade.
  • Pray two/four Rak’ah Sunnah, then sit quietly.
  • Make duas between Sunnah and Salah.
  • Listen and cooperate with the teachers and students on duty.
  • Repeat each line of the Adhan silently, then recite the Du’a after the Aadhan.
  • Concentrate on your prayer.
  • At the end of prayer, make Zikr and pray two Rak’ah Sunnah.
  • Do not leave the prayer hall until you are dismissed by the teacher/ student on duty.
  • When permitted, proceed to your class quietly along with your teacher / student on duty.
  • Refiain from eating, drinking, and chewing gum inside the mosque.
  • On Fridays, listen attentively and do not speak or communicate during the Khutbah.
  • Any violations will result in naseeha / detention / consequences / parent contact.


Consequences for inappropriate behaviour are imposed by staff in an effort to help the individual student take responsibility for his/her own actions and provide a deterrent, thereby encouraging the development of an Islamic personality. Every action taken is to be carried out with regard for the dignity and self-worth of the student and in consideration of the students age and nature of the misbehaviour. In keeping with the Islamic and educational expectations of the school, each incident will be treated in a fair and consistent manner and will be utilized as an opportunity for the student to learn and grow, Insha’Allah.

The following consequences will take place:

  1. Teacher takes action (counseling)
  2. Teacher contacts parents
  3. Teacher reports to school office
  4. Office takes action
  5. Parent, Teacher, and Principal conference
  6. Verbal or written apology
  7. Loss of privileges


A record of all meetings with the students and/or the parents will be kept. Afier investigation, the following consequences will be authorized by the Principal based on the number of times the offence occurs:

Step 1 – One hour detention after school
Step 2 – One half day in-school suspension
Step 3 – One full day in-school suspension
Step 4 – One full day out of school suspension
Step 5 – Three days home suspension
Step 6 – Five days home suspension
Step 7 – Expulsion from school

Depending on the nature and severity of the actions, the school may impose a consequence at a higher step and may involve the police.

Disciplinary Procedures:

Late arrival:

  • Students should arrive at school between 8:15 — 8:25 am.
  • Students who arrive after 8:25 am will be considered late. They must go to the office to get a late slip.
  • Students will not be allowed in class without a late slip.
  • Parents will be contacted after getting three late slips within a month. Continuous violations will face consequences of a conference between the parents and the principal.
  • Any missed work will be sent home, and will be the responsibility of the parents and child.

Classroom disturbance, misbehaviour, or missing work:

  • Students will be given three verbal warnings in class. Parents may be notified informally.
  • Teachers will keep a record of notification.
  • If misbehaviour continues, the student will be sent to the office.
  • An incident report will be written and sent home.
  • If misbehaviour persists, other actions will be taken depending on the case, including but not limited to withdrawing the student from activities, such as going out on breaks, or participating in field trips.
  • If misbehaviour continues, the student will be suspended for one day. If a student is suspended three times, then the suspension will automatically be three days suspension, and then expulsion.